ARRIVA - 360 - Warrington - Golborne - Wigan

360 - Warrington - Golborne - Wigan

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Monday to Friday

Warrington - Golborne - Wigan
Service No:360360360360360360360
Warrington Bus Station----------------07:2207:4208:02
Winwick B Q &----------------07:3707:5708:17
Newton Station--------07:04----07:4408:0408:24
Golborne Queen Ann06:3006:50----07:30------------
Golborne High Street06:3206:5207:1207:3207:5208:1208:32
Platt Bridge Iceland06:4007:0007:2007:4008:0008:2008:40
Wigan Bus Station06:5507:1507:3507:5508:1508:3508:55
Warrington - Golborne - Wigan
Service No:360360360360360
Warrington Bus Station08:2508:45 Then at these
mins past
each hour
Winwick B Q &08:3808:58183858
Newton Station08:4409:04244404
Golborne Queen Ann--------------------
Golborne High Street08:5209:12325212
Platt Bridge Iceland09:0009:20400020
Wigan Bus Station09:1509:35551535
Warrington - Golborne - Wigan
Service No:360
Warrington Bus Station17:0517:2517:5518:25
Winwick B Q &17:1817:3818:0818:38
Newton Station17:2417:4418:1418:44
Golborne High Street17:3217:5218:2218:52
Platt Bridge Iceland17:4018:0018:3019:00
Wigan Bus Station17:5518:1518:4519:15


Warrington - Golborne - Wigan
Service No:360360360360360360
Warrington Bus Station--------08:2008:50 Then at these
mins past
each hour
Winwick B Q &--------08:3309:033303
Newton Station--------08:3909:093909
Golborne Queen Ann07:4508:15----------------
Golborne High Street07:4708:1708:4709:174717
Platt Bridge Iceland07:5508:2508:5509:255525
Wigan Bus Station08:1008:4009:1009:401040
Warrington - Golborne - Wigan
Service No:360360360
Warrington Bus Stationuntil17:2017:5018:20
Winwick B Q &17:3318:0318:33
Newton Station17:3918:0918:39
Golborne Queen Ann------------
Golborne High Street17:4718:1718:47
Platt Bridge Iceland17:5518:2518:55
Wigan Bus Station18:1018:4019:10




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