ARRIVA - 433 - New Brighton - Liverpool

433 - New Brighton - Liverpool

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Monday to Friday

New Brighton - Liverpool
Service No:433433433433433
New Brighton Kings Parade06:3006:50103050until
Liscard Village06:4007:00then204000
Gorsey Lane Gorsedale Road06:5107:11at315111
Leeds Street07:0007:20400020
Liverpool, Cook Street07:0407:24440424
New Brighton - Liverpool
Service No:433433433433
New Brighton Kings Parade17:1017:3017:5018:10
Liscard Village17:2017:4018:0018:20
Gorsey Lane Gorsedale Road17:3117:5118:1118:31
Leeds Street17:4018:0018:2018:40
Liverpool, Cook Street17:4418:0418:2418:44


New Brighton - Liverpool
Service No:433433433433433433
New Brighton Kings Parade07:5008:1008:3008:501030
Liscard Village08:0008:2008:4009:00then2040
Gorsey Lane Gorsedale Road08:1108:3108:5109:11at3151
Leeds Street08:2008:4009:0009:204000
Liverpool, Cook Street08:2408:4409:0409:244404
New Brighton - Liverpool
Service No:433433433433433
New Brighton Kings Parade50until16:1016:3016:5017:10
Liscard Village0016:2016:4017:0017:20
Gorsey Lane Gorsedale Road1116:3116:5117:1117:31
Leeds Street2016:4017:0017:2017:40
Liverpool, Cook Street2416:4417:0417:2417:44

Sunday and Bank Holidays

New Brighton - Liverpool
Service No:433433433433433
New Brighton Kings Parade09:1409:441444until16:14
Liscard Village09:2309:53then235316:23
Gorsey Lane Gorsedale Road09:3110:01at310116:31
Leeds Street09:3910:09390916:39
Liverpool, Cook Street09:4310:13431316:43
New Brighton - Liverpool
Service No:433
New Brighton Kings Parade16:44
Liscard Village16:53
Gorsey Lane Gorsedale Road17:01
Leeds Street17:09
Liverpool, Cook Street17:13




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