ARRIVA - 403,413,423 - Liverpool / Birkenhead - Seacombe Ferry

403,413,423 - Liverpool / Birkenhead - Seacombe Ferry

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Monday to Friday

Liverpool / Birkenhead - Seacombe Ferry
Service No:413403413403413403413
Birkenhead Woodside----06:5607:1107:2607:4107:5608:11
Birkenhead Bus Station----07:0107:1607:3107:4608:0108:16
Singleton Avenue Borough Road----07:0807:2307:3807:5308:0808:23
Arrowe Park Hospital----07:1907:3407:4908:0408:1908:34
Moreton Cross Hoylake Road07:0907:2907:4407:5908:1408:2908:44
Wallasey Village07:2107:4407:5908:1408:2908:4408:59
Liscard ,Wallasey Road07:28----08:06----08:36----09:06
Seacombe Ferry07:3807:5808:1608:2808:4608:5809:16
Liverpool / Birkenhead - Seacombe Ferry
Service No:403413403413403413
Birkenhead Woodside08:2608:4108:56 Then at these
mins past
each hour
Birkenhead Bus Station08:3108:4609:01163146
Singleton Avenue Borough Road08:3808:5309:08233853
Arrowe Park Hospital08:4909:0409:19344904
Moreton Cross Hoylake Road08:5909:1409:29445914
Wallasey Village09:1109:2609:41561126
Liscard ,Wallasey Road----09:33----03----33
Seacombe Ferry09:2509:4309:55132543
Liverpool / Birkenhead - Seacombe Ferry
Service No:403413403413403
Liverpool Sir Thomas Street----until---------------- Then at these
mins past
each hour
Birkenhead Woodside5617:1117:2617:4117:56
Hamilton Street--------------------
Birkenhead Bus Station0117:1617:3117:4618:01
Singleton Avenue Borough Road0817:2317:3817:5318:08
Arrowe Park Hospital1917:3417:4918:0418:19
Moreton Cross Upton Road--------------------
Town Meadow Lane--------------------
Moreton Cross Hoylake Road2917:4417:5918:1418:29
Wallasey Village4117:5618:1118:2618:41
Liscard ,Wallasey Road----18:03----18:33----
Seacombe Ferry5518:1318:2518:4318:55
Liverpool / Birkenhead - Seacombe Ferry
Service No:423423423423423423
Liverpool Sir Thomas Street1747until22:1722:4723:1723:47
Birkenhead Woodside------------------------
Hamilton Street275722:2722:5723:2723:57
Birkenhead Bus Station300022:3023:0023:3024:00
Singleton Avenue Borough Road370722:3723:0723:3700:07
Arrowe Park Hospital481822:4823:1823:4800:18
Moreton Cross Upton Road582822:5823:2823:5800:28
Town Meadow Lane023223:0223:3200:0200:32
Moreton Cross Hoylake Road063623:0623:3600:0600:36
Wallasey Village205023:2023:5000:2000:50
Liscard ,Wallasey Road265623:2623:5600:2600:56
Seacombe Ferry340423:3400:0400:34----


Liverpool / Birkenhead - Seacombe Ferry
Service No:413403413403413403
Liverpool Sir Thomas Street-------- Then at these
mins past
each hour
Birkenhead Woodside----06:5611264156
Hamilton Street------------------------
Birkenhead Bus Station----07:0116314601
Singleton Avenue Borough Road----07:0823385308
Arrowe Park Hospital----07:1934490419
Moreton Cross Upton Road------------------------
Town Meadow Lane------------------------
Moreton Cross Hoylake Road07:0907:2944591429
Wallasey Village07:2107:4156112641
Liscard ,Wallasey Road07:28----03----33----
Seacombe Ferry07:3807:5513254355
Liverpool / Birkenhead - Seacombe Ferry
Service No:413403413403423
Liverpool Sir Thomas Streetuntil---------------- Then at these
mins past
each hour
Birkenhead Woodside17:1117:2617:4117:56----
Hamilton Street----------------27
Birkenhead Bus Station17:1617:3117:4618:0130
Singleton Avenue Borough Road17:2317:3817:5318:0837
Arrowe Park Hospital17:3417:4918:0418:1948
Moreton Cross Upton Road----------------58
Town Meadow Lane----------------02
Moreton Cross Hoylake Road17:4417:5918:1418:2906
Wallasey Village17:5618:1118:2618:4120
Liscard ,Wallasey Road18:03----18:33----26
Seacombe Ferry18:1318:2518:4318:5534
Liverpool / Birkenhead - Seacombe Ferry
Service No:423423423423423
Liverpool Sir Thomas Street47until22:1722:4723:1723:47
Hamilton Street5722:2722:5723:2723:57
Birkenhead Bus Station0022:3023:0023:3024:00
Singleton Avenue Borough Road0722:3723:0723:3700:07
Arrowe Park Hospital1822:4823:1823:4800:18
Moreton Cross Upton Road2822:5823:2823:5800:28
Town Meadow Lane3223:0223:3200:0200:32
Moreton Cross Hoylake Road3623:0623:3600:0600:36
Wallasey Village5023:2023:5000:2000:50
Liscard ,Wallasey Road5623:2623:5600:2600:56
Seacombe Ferry0423:3400:0400:34----

Sunday and Bank Holidays

Liverpool - Birkenhead - Seacombe Ferry
Service No:423423423423423
Liverpool Sir Thomas Street10:1710:47 Then at these
mins past
each hour
Hamilton Street10:2710:57275722:27
Birkenhead Bus Station10:3011:00300022:30
Singleton Avenue Borough Road10:3711:07370722:37
Arrowe Park Hospital10:4811:18481822:48
Moreton Cross Upton Road10:5811:28582822:58
Town Meadow Lane11:0211:32023223:02
Moreton Cross Hoylake Road11:0611:36063623:06
Wallasey Village11:2011:50205023:20
Liscard ,Wallasey Road11:2611:56265623:26
Seacombe Ferry11:3412:04340423:34
Liverpool - Birkenhead - Seacombe Ferry
Service No:423423423
Liverpool Sir Thomas Street22:4723:1723:47
Hamilton Street22:5723:2723:57
Birkenhead Bus Station23:0023:3024:00
Singleton Avenue Borough Road23:0723:3700:07
Arrowe Park Hospital23:1823:4800:18
Moreton Cross Upton Road23:2823:5800:28
Town Meadow Lane23:3200:0200:32
Moreton Cross Hoylake Road23:3600:0600:36
Wallasey Village23:5000:2000:50
Liscard ,Wallasey Road23:5600:2600:56
Seacombe Ferry00:0400:34----




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