ARRIVA - 407 - Liverpool - Birkenhead - Moreton

407 - Liverpool - Birkenhead - Moreton

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Monday to Friday

Liverpool - Birkenhead - Moreton
Service No:407407407407407407
Liverpool, Cook Street------------07:2507:4505
Liverpool Sir Thomas Street------------07:2707:4707
Birkenhead Bus Station06:4007:0007:2007:4008:00then20
Laird Street Mallaby Street06:4807:0807:2807:4808:08at28
Moreton Cross Hoylake Road06:5907:1907:3907:5908:1939
Town Meadow Lane07:0307:2307:4308:0308:2343
Liverpool - Birkenhead - Moreton
Service No:407407407407407
Liverpool, Cook Street2545until18:0518:3018:50
Liverpool Sir Thomas Street274718:0718:3218:52
Birkenhead Bus Station400018:2018:4519:05
Laird Street Mallaby Street480818:2818:5319:13
Moreton Cross Hoylake Road591918:3919:0419:24
Town Meadow Lane032318:4319:0819:28


Liverpool - Birkenhead - Moreton
Service No:407407407407407407407
Liverpool, Cook Street------------07:2507:4708:0708:27
Liverpool Sir Thomas Street------------07:2707:4908:0908:29
Birkenhead Bus Station06:4007:0007:2007:3908:0108:2108:41
Laird Street Mallaby Street06:4807:0807:2807:4708:0908:2908:49
Moreton Cross Hoylake Road06:5807:1807:3807:5708:1908:3908:59
Town Meadow Lane07:0207:2207:4208:0108:2308:4309:03
Liverpool - Birkenhead - Moreton
Service No:407407407407407407
Liverpool, Cook Street08:4709:0709:2709:470525
Liverpool Sir Thomas Street08:4909:0909:2909:490727
Birkenhead Bus Station09:0109:2109:4110:01then2040
Laird Street Mallaby Street09:0909:2909:4910:09at2848
Moreton Cross Hoylake Road09:1909:3909:5910:193959
Town Meadow Lane09:2309:4310:0310:234303
Liverpool - Birkenhead - Moreton
Service No:407407407407407407
Liverpool, Cook Street45until17:0517:2517:5018:1018:30
Liverpool Sir Thomas Street4717:0717:2717:5218:1218:32
Birkenhead Bus Station0017:2017:4018:0518:2518:45
Laird Street Mallaby Street0817:2817:4818:1318:3318:53
Moreton Cross Hoylake Road1917:3917:5918:2418:4419:04
Town Meadow Lane2317:4318:0318:2818:4819:08
Liverpool - Birkenhead - Moreton
Service No:407
Liverpool, Cook Street18:50
Liverpool Sir Thomas Street18:52
Birkenhead Bus Station19:05
Laird Street Mallaby Street19:13
Moreton Cross Hoylake Road19:24
Town Meadow Lane19:28




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