ARRIVA - X13 - Blyth - Cramlington - Newcastle

X13 - Blyth - Cramlington - Newcastle

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Monday to Friday

Blyth - Cramlington - Newcastle
Service No:X13X13X13X13X13X13
Blyth Bus Station05:5506:2506:5507:2508:0008:35 Then at these
mins past
each hour
Amersham Road06:0206:3207:0207:3208:0708:42
Sandringham Drive r'about06:0906:3907:0907:3908:1408:49
South Beach Crossing06:1106:4107:1107:4108:1608:51
High Pit06:1706:4807:1807:4808:2308:58
Cramlington Shops06:2206:5307:2307:5308:2809:03
Beaconhill Grange06:2706:5807:2807:5808:3309:08
Regent Centre Metro06:3907:1007:4008:1208:4709:20
N'castle Haymarket B.Stn06:4807:2007:5008:3009:0009:30
Blyth - Cramlington - Newcastle
Service No:X13X13X13X13X13X13
Blyth Bus Station0535until16:0516:4017:1517:45
Amersham Road124216:1216:4717:2217:52
Sandringham Drive r'about194916:1916:5417:2917:59
South Beach Crossing215116:2116:5617:3118:01
High Pit285816:2817:0317:3818:08
Cramlington Shops330316:3317:0817:4318:13
Beaconhill Grange380816:3817:1317:4818:18
Regent Centre Metro502016:5017:2518:0018:30
N'castle Haymarket B.Stn003017:0017:3518:1018:40
Blyth - Cramlington - Newcastle
Service No:X13X13
Blyth Bus Station18:2519:25
Amersham Road18:3419:34
Sandringham Drive r'about18:3919:39
South Beach Crossing18:4119:41
High Pit18:4719:47
Cramlington Shops18:5219:52
Beaconhill Grange18:5719:57
Regent Centre Metro19:0920:09
N'castle Haymarket B.Stn19:1820:18


Blyth - Cramlington - Newcastle
Service No:X13X13X13X13X13
Blyth Bus Station06:2507:2508:05 Then at these
mins past
each hour
Amersham Road06:3207:3208:124212
Sandringham Drive r'about06:3907:3908:194919
South Beach Crossing06:4107:4108:215121
High Pit06:4707:4708:285828
Cramlington Shops06:5207:5208:330333
Beaconhill Grange06:5707:5708:380838
Regent Centre Metro07:0908:0908:502050
N'castle Haymarket B.Stn07:1808:1809:003000
Blyth - Cramlington - Newcastle
Service No:X13X13X13X13
Blyth Bus Station17:0517:3518:2519:25
Amersham Road17:1217:4218:3219:32
Sandringham Drive r'about17:1917:4918:3919:39
South Beach Crossing17:2117:5118:4119:41
High Pit17:2817:5818:4719:47
Cramlington Shops17:3318:0318:5219:52
Beaconhill Grange17:3818:0818:5719:57
Regent Centre Metro17:5018:2019:0920:09
N'castle Haymarket B.Stn18:0018:3019:1820:18

Sunday and Bank Holidays

Blyth - Cramlington - Newcastle
Service No:X13X13X13X13X13
Blyth Bus Station09:2510:25 Then at these
mins past
each hour
Amersham Road09:3210:323215:3216:32
Sandringham Drive r'about09:3910:393915:3916:39
South Beach Crossing09:4110:414115:4116:41
High Pit09:4710:474715:4716:47
Cramlington Shops09:5210:525215:5216:52
Beaconhill Grange09:5710:575715:5716:57
Regent Centre Metro10:0911:090916:0917:09
N'castle Haymarket B.Stn10:1811:181816:1817:18
Blyth - Cramlington - Newcastle
Service No:X13
Blyth Bus Station17:25
Amersham Road17:32
Sandringham Drive r'about17:39
South Beach Crossing17:41
High Pit17:47
Cramlington Shops17:52
Beaconhill Grange----
Regent Centre Metro----
N'castle Haymarket B.Stn----




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