ARRIVA - 118 - Buxton - Leek - Hanley

118 - Buxton - Leek - Hanley

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Monday to Saturday

Buxton - Leek - Hanley
Service No:118118118118
Buxton, Market Place08:4010:5513:5516:55
Flash, Travellers Rest08:5211:0714:0717:07
Blackshaw Moor09:0011:1514:1517:15
Leek, Bus Station09:1011:2514:2517:25
Endon, Fountain09:2011:3514:3517:35
Milton, Crossroads09:2811:4314:4317:43
Hanley, Bus Station09:4011:5514:5517:55

Sunday and Bank Holidays

Buxton - Leek - Hanley
Service No:118118118
Buxton, Market Place10:5513:5516:55
Flash, Travellers Rest11:0714:0717:07
Blackshaw Moor11:1514:1517:15
Leek, Bus Station11:2514:2517:25
Endon, Fountain11:3514:3517:35
Milton, Crossroads11:4314:4317:43
Hanley, Bus Station11:5314:5317:53
Stoke, Railway Station12:0015:0018:00




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