ARRIVA - 403 - Woodhall & Haldens Circular

403 - Woodhall & Haldens Circular

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Monday to Friday

Woodhall & Haldens Circular
Service No:403403403403403
Cole Green Lane, Great Ganett--------06:51 Then at these
mins past
each hour
QE2 Hospital, Howlands, Stop A06:25----06:552555
Woodhall, opp.Woodhall Parade06:30----07:003000
Knella Road, Ludwick Way06:32----07:023202
Mill Green Road, Peartree Lane06:34----07:043404
WGC Bus Station, Stop 3 arrive06:38----07:083808
WGC Bus Station, Stop 3 depart06:40----07:104010
Knightsfield, Harwood Hill06:44----07:144414
Haldens, opp. Shops06:47----07:174717
Rowans, opp. School06:49----07:194919
Haldens, Shops06:51----07:215121
Bessemer Road, Nursery Hill06:53----07:235323
Digswell Road, Harwood Hill06:55----07:255525
WGC Bus Station, Stop 5 arrive06:59----07:295929
WGC Bus Station, Stop 5 depart07:0006:3007:300030
Mill Green Road, Peartree Lane07:0406:3407:340434
Knella Road, Ludwick Way07:0606:3607:360636
Woodhall, opp.Woodhall Parade07:0806:3807:380838
QEII Hosp, Howlands, Stop B07:1206:4207:421242
Cole Green Lane, Great Ganett07:1606:4607:461646
Woodhall & Haldens Circular
Service No:403403403
Cole Green Lane, Great Ganett17:2117:5118:21
QE2 Hospital, Howlands, Stop A17:2517:5518:25
Woodhall, opp.Woodhall Parade17:3018:0018:30
Knella Road, Ludwick Way17:3218:0218:32
Mill Green Road, Peartree Lane17:3418:0418:34
WGC Bus Station, Stop 3 arrive17:3818:0818:38
WGC Bus Station, Stop 3 depart17:4018:1018:40
Knightsfield, Harwood Hill17:4418:1418:44
Haldens, opp. Shops17:4718:1718:47
Rowans, opp. School17:4918:1918:49
Haldens, Shops17:5118:2118:51
Bessemer Road, Nursery Hill17:5318:2318:53
Digswell Road, Harwood Hill17:5518:2518:55
WGC Bus Station, Stop 5 arrive17:5918:2918:59
WGC Bus Station, Stop 5 depart18:0018:30----
Mill Green Road, Peartree Lane18:0418:34----
Knella Road, Ludwick Way18:0618:36----
Woodhall, opp.Woodhall Parade18:0818:38----
QEII Hosp, Howlands, Stop B18:1218:42----
Cole Green Lane, Great Ganett18:1618:46----


Woodhall & Haldens Circular
Service No:403403403403403
Cole Green Lane, Great Ganett--------07:51 Then at these
mins past
each hour
QE2 Hospital, Howlands, Stop A--------07:552555
Woodhall, opp.Woodhall Parade--------08:003000
Knella Road, Ludwick Way--------08:023202
Mill Green Road, Peartree Lane--------08:043404
WGC Bus Station, Stop 3 arrive--------08:083808
WGC Bus Station, Stop 3 depart--------08:104010
Knightsfield, Harwood Hill--------08:144414
Haldens, opp. Shops--------08:174717
Rowans, opp. School--------08:194919
Haldens, Shops--------08:215121
Bessemer Road, Nursery Hill--------08:235323
Digswell Road, Harwood Hill--------08:255525
WGC Bus Station, Stop 5 arrive--------08:295929
WGC Bus Station, Stop 5 depart07:3008:0008:300030
Mill Green Road, Peartree Lane07:3408:0408:340434
Knella Road, Ludwick Way07:3608:0608:360636
Woodhall, opp.Woodhall Parade07:3808:0808:380838
QEII Hosp, Howlands, Stop B07:4208:1208:421242
Cole Green Lane, Great Ganett07:4608:1608:461646
Woodhall & Haldens Circular
Service No:403403403403
Cole Green Lane, Great Ganett16:2116:5117:5117:21
QE2 Hospital, Howlands, Stop A16:2516:5517:5517:25
Woodhall, opp.Woodhall Parade16:3017:0018:0017:30
Knella Road, Ludwick Way16:3217:0218:0217:32
Mill Green Road, Peartree Lane16:3417:0418:0417:34
WGC Bus Station, Stop 3 arrive16:3817:0818:0817:38
WGC Bus Station, Stop 3 depart16:4017:1018:1017:40
Knightsfield, Harwood Hill16:4417:1418:1417:44
Haldens, opp. Shops16:4717:1718:1717:47
Rowans, opp. School16:4917:1918:1917:49
Haldens, Shops16:5117:2118:2117:51
Bessemer Road, Nursery Hill16:5317:2318:2317:53
Digswell Road, Harwood Hill16:5517:2518:2517:55
WGC Bus Station, Stop 5 arrive16:5917:2918:2917:59
WGC Bus Station, Stop 5 depart17:0017:30----18:00
Mill Green Road, Peartree Lane17:0417:34----18:04
Knella Road, Ludwick Way17:0617:36----18:06
Woodhall, opp.Woodhall Parade17:0817:38----18:08
QEII Hosp, Howlands, Stop B17:1217:42----18:12
Cole Green Lane, Great Ganett17:1617:46----18:16


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