ARRIVA - 23 - Luton - Bury Park - Leagrave - Sundon Park

23 - Luton - Bury Park - Leagrave - Sundon Park

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Monday to Friday

Luton - Bury Park - Leagrave - Sundon Park
Service No:2323232323
Luton, Galaxy Centre, Stop G3----07:0007:5509:0010:00 Then at these
mins past
each hour
Bury Park, Beech Road----07:0508:0109:0610:0808
Marsh Road, Waller Avenue----07:1008:0609:1310:1414
Leagrave, Co-Operative Food----07:1208:0909:1610:1717
Sundon Park, SKF Works----07:1608:1509:2110:2323
Sundon Park, Ashwell Avenue arr.----07:2008:2009:2610:2828
Sundon Park, Ashwell Avenue dep.----07:2508:2509:3010:3030
Sundon Park, Tesco Express----07:2808:3009:3310:3333
Leagrave, McDonald's----07:3308:3609:3810:3737
Leagrave Road, Waller Avenue06:4307:3808:4309:4510:4343
Bury Park, Sainsbury's06:4907:4508:5009:5210:5151
Luton, Galaxy Centre06:5207:4808:5309:5510:5454
Luton - Bury Park - Leagrave - Sundon Park
Service No:23232323
Luton, Galaxy Centre, Stop G3until14:0015:0016:1017:15
Bury Park, Beech Road14:0815:0916:1917:24
Marsh Road, Waller Avenue14:1415:1716:2617:31
Leagrave, Co-Operative Food14:1715:2116:3017:34
Sundon Park, SKF Works14:2315:2716:3617:40
Sundon Park, Ashwell Avenue arr.14:2815:3116:4017:44
Sundon Park, Ashwell Avenue dep.13:3014:3015:3316:42
Sundon Park, Tesco Express13:3314:3315:3816:45
Leagrave, McDonald's13:3714:3715:4116:48
Leagrave Road, Waller Avenue13:4314:4315:4916:55
Bury Park, Sainsbury's13:5114:5215:5917:05
Luton, Galaxy Centre13:5414:5516:0217:08


Luton - Bury Park - Leagrave - Sundon Park
Service No:2323232323
Luton, Galaxy Centre, Stop G3----09:0010:00 Then at these
mins past
each hour
Bury Park, Beech Road----09:0610:080815:08
Marsh Road, Waller Avenue08:0309:1210:141415:14
Leagrave, Co-Operative Food08:0509:1510:171715:17
Sundon Park, SKF Works08:0909:2010:232315:23
Sundon Park, Ashwell Avenue arr.08:1309:2510:282815:28
Sundon Park, Ashwell Avenue dep.08:1509:3010:303014:30
Sundon Park, Tesco Express08:1809:3310:333314:33
Leagrave, McDonald's08:2109:3710:373714:37
Leagrave Road, Waller Avenue08:2409:4310:434314:43
Bury Park, Sainsbury's08:3109:5110:215114:51
Luton, Galaxy Centre08:3409:5410:545414:54
Luton - Bury Park - Leagrave - Sundon Park
Service No:2323
Luton, Galaxy Centre, Stop G316:0517:10
Bury Park, Beech Road16:1317:18
Marsh Road, Waller Avenue16:1917:24
Leagrave, Co-Operative Food16:2217:27
Sundon Park, SKF Works16:2817:33
Sundon Park, Ashwell Avenue arr.16:3217:37
Sundon Park, Ashwell Avenue dep.15:3016:34
Sundon Park, Tesco Express15:3316:37
Leagrave, McDonald's15:3716:40
Leagrave Road, Waller Avenue15:4316:45
Bury Park, Sainsbury's15:5116:53
Luton, Galaxy Centre15:5416:56


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