ARRIVA - 21,21A - Wrexham - Summerhill - Wrexham

21,21A - Wrexham - Summerhill - Wrexham

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Monday to Saturday

Wrexham - Summerhill - Wrexham
Service No:2121A2121A21
Wrexham Bus Station06:4007:1007:401040until
Pendine Estate Shops06:5207:2207:52then2252
Summerhill, New Street06:5807:2807:58at2858
Pendine Estate Shops07:0607:3608:063606
Wrexham Bus Station07:1807:4808:184818
Wrexham - Summerhill - Wrexham
Service No:21A212121212121
Wrexham Bus Station17:1017:4018:1519:1520:1521:1522:15
Pendine Estate Shops17:2217:5218:2519:2520:2521:2522:25
Summerhill, New Street17:2817:5818:3019:3020:3021:3022:30
Pendine Estate Shops17:3618:0618:3719:3720:3721:3722:37
Wrexham Bus Station17:4818:1818:4719:4720:4721:4722:47

Sunday and Bank Holidays

Wrexham - Summerhill - Wrexham
Service No:21A2121A2121A2121A
Wrexham Bus Station10:3511:3512:3513:3514:3515:3516:35
Pendine Estate Shops10:4511:4712:4513:4714:4515:4716:45
Summerhill, New Street10:5111:5312:5113:5314:5115:5316:51
Pendine Estate Shops10:5912:0112:5914:0114:5916:0116:59
Wrexham Bus Station11:0912:1313:0914:1315:0916:1317:09
Wrexham - Summerhill - Wrexham
Service No:2121A
Wrexham Bus Station17:3518:35
Pendine Estate Shops17:4718:45
Summerhill, New Street17:5318:51
Pendine Estate Shops18:0118:59
Wrexham Bus Station18:1319:09




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