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Greener Journeys

Greener Journeys

Greener Journeys is a campaign encouraging people to get out of their cars and onto buses and coaches; a quick and cost-effective way to reduce carbon emissions. To really help make a difference to the world around us, the UK's five biggest bus operators, including Arriva, have joined forces to launch The One Billion Challenge.

Greener JourneysSwitching from car to bus or coach for just one journey in 25 could save 25 million tonnes of CO2...

  • That would mean one billion fewer car journeys on our roads...
  • ...50% more CO2 savings from transport than planned by the Government
  • ...And it could be achieved in just three years if everyone played their part

The Greener Journeys campaign aims to achieve these aims by forming stronger partnerships between local authorities and bus operators, making it easier and more attractive for people to use public transport.

But this is just the beginning.

To find out more please visit the Greener Journeys website


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