ARRIVA - 505 service answers SOS

505 service answers SOS

The storms on Thursday may have brought traffic chaos to the North East as apocalyptic conditions battered the region, but Arriva employees brought a little bit of sunshine to passengers.

Arriva has received a number of positive messages from customers who were delighted that services, where possible, kept on running.
arriva driver

John Marshall had been in Glasgow earlier in the day visiting family and was on his return leg when his train was stopped at Berwick due to flooding.

Fortunately, Arriva's 505 service was made of sterner stuff and John jumped on the bus headed for Newcastle.

Speaking about the journey John said: "The service was fantastic. While the bus may have had to travel slower than usual the experience and professionalism was superb. The driver couldn't have be more helpful, which really helped calm down the atmosphere, especially as there were anxious families with children on board.

"The bus delivered me safe and sound to my destination and the attitude of the driver turned what might have been a nightmare into quite a pleasant journey."