ARRIVA - Hellos and thank yous make for a brighter bus journey

Hellos and thank yous make for a brighter bus journey

Even in our ‘time poor’ lives bus passengers still give their driver a thank you as they get off the bus. Arriva Yorkshire believes our findings show there’s a widely accepted etiquette for getting off a bus, with over 90% of passengers offering drivers a cheery ‘thank you’ or a ‘cheers mate’ as they leave their service.
 studied the reactions of passengers as they boarded and departed vehicles, and the findings showed that drivers and passengers still had a great deal of interaction even in these very busy times.

Chloe Leach O’Connell, marketing and communications manager for Arriva Yorkshire, said: “We wanted to better understand the bus as a social environment. We carried out the study after drivers discussed the benefits of engaging with their customers. Sometimes it is a simple smile from the driver and other times an enthusiastic ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Goodbye’, either way it unearthed some strongly established behaviours.

“It was very interesting to see that on leaving the bus there was a standard protocol of a ‘thank you’ or a ‘goodbye’ between passengers and drivers. We’re now looking into this further and seeing if we can build on this interaction as it certainly brightens up everyone’s journey.”

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The studied showed:

- More than half of passengers follow suit when they get a cheery “good morning” from their driver as they board the bus

- When a driver welcomed passengers on board with a hello, 83% of women and 74% of men responded in a positive manner

- Over nine out of ten passengers give a polite thank you or goodbye to the driver on leaving their bus