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Careers at Arriva

Careers at Arriva

Bus Driver

Working as a bus driver isn’t just another driving job. To become a professional Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) driver, as well as excellent driving skills, you need to be passionate about customer service, love working with the immense variety of people who live and work in your area and be able to stay calm under pressure.

Don’t worry if you have never driven a bus before – we can train you.   We employ professional instructors in every business who have many years experience in helping people through the process of learning to drive a bus.  Once you have passed your PCV test you will also gain your Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) a nationally recognised qualification.

Find out more about obtaining your PCV licence and Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)

So you’re equipped with all the skills you need to drive in service, further initial training includes; ticket training, customer service training and type training, so you are familiar with different bus types within the business.

Training Instructor and Examiners

Instructors and examiners help our trainee drivers gain their PCV Licence. Many instructors and examiners start their careers as bus drivers and gain internal promotions.

Our instructors are trained and monitored to be of the highest standards. In addition each Arriva business have in-house Driving Standards Agency (DSA) approved training centres and our own delegated driving examiners who conduct our PCV driving tests in accordance with DSA regulations.

Depot Management

Each depot is run by a management team, many of whom started their careers as drivers and have been promoted from within the business.

We employ managers who run both our operating and our engineering functions, including management of the performance of the bus services.  We also have employees who deal with administration and support the bus depots in the main function of operating buses.

Bus Mechanic/Engineers

With over 7000 buses to be maintained and kept clean across our various operating companies, our engineering departments are fundamental to the smooth operation of our business.

Our standards are high and we employ apprentices, trainees, and experienced mechanics. We invest heavily in our training and through our mechanics academy there is the opportunity to achieve an NVQ in Transport Engineering Maintenance.

There is also opportunity for further training and promotion; in fact the majority of our engineering management team were once bus mechanics themselves.

Head Office

In addition to the operational support roles, each Arriva business has a head office with opportunities in Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Customer Services and Insurance.