ARRIVA - Capstone Flyer gives quick ride into Chatham

Capstone Flyer gives quick ride into Chatham

Capstone Flyer gives quick ride into Chatham

The Capstone Flyer gives people from the Wigmore and Parkwood area a quicker ride into Chatham by taking the route through Hemsptead, Pear Tree Lane, Capstone Road and Luton to the town centre.

Monday to Friday buses run every half an hour, with alternate journeys numbered 113 and 114 to denote two route variations, at Hempstead and in the Wigmore area.

Alternate buses run via Dukes Meadow Drive at Hempstead or direct along Hemsptead Valley Drive, while at Wigmore they either run straight along Maidstone Road from the Queen's Head to Wigmore Road or along Woodside, Bredhurst Road and Fairview Avenue to Maidstone Road.

Saturday buses run hourly via Dukes Meadow Drive at Hempstead and direct along Maidstone Road at Wigmore.

Arriva's Regional Publicity Manager, Richard Lewis, said "We are pleased to be able to provide an improved service from the Wigmore, Parkwood and Hemsptead areas into Chatham.

"Using Pear Tree Lane and Capstone Road is the shortest route into town and we have also been able to increase the frequency from hourly to half-hourly on Mondays to Fridays.

"The new routes give additional links from Parkwood and there is now a regular service along Hempstead Valley Drive for the first time in many years."

Most Capstone Flyer journeys will be run by two buses wearing special graphics to advertise the service in order rto help increase awareness of the enhanced service.

Arriva's other services in the Parkwood and Hempstead Valley area, X-Bus 116 and Medway Mainline 132, continue to provide frequent buses from Hempstead, Wigmore and Parkwood to Rainham, Gillingham and Chatham.